If you want to take your business to the next level, you may well have decided to invest in an experienced mentor who can help you grow from strength to strength. While there are countless generic resources out there that promise the secret ingredient to success, they often can’t compete with the knowledge, expertise, and personalisation provided by a bespoke package (which is what you get with me).

So, before we take a look at what exactly a good business coach does, let’s first consider what a business coach actually is. 

What is a business coach? 

Business coaches are typically experienced entrepreneurs who have previously built up successful businesses with high turnovers, and then go on to offer their advice and insights as a service for others. 

The type of service offered by the coach will depend on what size of businesses they cater for. For example, the former CEO of a restaurant chain may not be best placed to advise an international shipping company, and so it’s important to identify a coach with relevant experience. 

What does a good business coach do? 

A good business coach acts as a catalyst for boosting your brand and developing your business – ultimately, helping you build sales and drive profit margins up. They will work with you to create a clear, realistic path to success and act as a trusted advisor who keeps you on track. 

While your own personal preferences will differ, any good business coach should have direct experience with running a business, be fully up-to-date with all-things marketing and offer unparalleled insights into management, finance, and productivity. 

They should be able to advise on things like salesand marketing strategies, and help you build a comprehensive, measurable business plan.

The beauty of having a business coach on hand to help and advise you is that they’ve often already tackled any obstacles that you might face, ensuring a seamless professional journey and helping you overcome business challenges. 

How do I get the most out of my business coach? 

The first step in making sure that business coaching works for you is to establish exactly what your goal is. By establishing a goal, you’ll both know where to spend time and money, as well as being able to identify what strategy will work best. (And don’t worry, I’ve helped plenty of companies establish what their goal is – this is also something a business coach can help with.)

There are also a few other essential things you can do to ensure that you get the most out of your business coaching: 

  • Be prepared. Don’t waste valuable time during your sessions, take some time beforehand to evaluate what’s changed between then and your last session, as well as making notes of any questions or queries you might have. 
  • Take notes in each session. It might sound obvious, but you could find yourself forgetting amazing ideas and losing valuable information by not writing it down. Written notes can also assist hugely in development stages, and you can share them with other people.
  • Visualise your goals. By setting time frames, noting any important questions, and identifying the areas where you most need help, you’ll ensure that you’re getting the most from your business coach. 

Is hiring a business coach worth it? 

As well as lowered stress levels, smarter goal-setting, and a more balanced life, studies have shown that having a business coach can increase your profit margins by an average of 46%

While the facts speak for themselves, it’s important to choose a coach who can align themselves with your vision, and is ultimately someone you trust. You will work closely with your business coach to achieve your goals, making it one of the most important professional relationships to invest in. 

If you’re still unsure about the benefits of a business coach, it might inspire you to know that some of the world’s best business leaders – Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, and Bill Gates, for example – all sought out a high-quality coach to assist them in reaching the top. 

If you’re interested in talking to me about business coaching and how I can help you drive your business forward, call me now on 01244 263998 or send me an enquiry.