Well, in truth, on occasion I’ve sometimes struggled to summarise what I do, as I’m a Business Coach, Advisor, Lead Generator & Digital Marketing Specialist all in one, but from a background of having built & run business myself rather than be a ‘Franchise’ or ‘Guru from a Book’. However I always recognised that the one area I lacked, or rather I didn’t have enough time to detail, was a written strategy document, a formulaic approach that I could use to allow those less experience than some, to follow in their own time & pace.

Coaching with a Purpose

And so, as I explored the Entrepreneurs Circle (EC) Certified Coaching License I increasingly realised that here was a way to achieve just that, and as pertinently align with an organisation that I really like, and follow a methodology from a Business Owner refreshingly free of hubris, and a rea; ‘down to earth’ approach, stand forward Nigel -See Nigel Botterill

Help for Wirral Business Owners

So, I’ve got quite a bit of study to cram in, and a certification to achieve, but I’ll do that quickly I know, and I’ll be well prepared for the first Monthly Meeting I hold for the EC on the Wirral, on Monday 12th July 6-8pm, have a drink afterwards please!)  at Wro Loft, West Kirby 

Fish when the Fish are Biting

It’s a great time to be involved with the EC in both capacities, and I’m sat writing this on Monday 17th May , on a day when I’m looking forward to meeting a friend for a couple of pints early evening in a pub, sat indoors! The UK is opening up for business, and growth estimates for the remainder of the year are between 5% and 7%, so now really is the time to ‘fish when the fish are biting’ and look for ways to achieve a ‘rhythmic acquisition of customers’ -an expression from the EC coaching programme that really resonated with me.

If you want to read more about the EC take a look here please! I’ll be happy to assist business owners in my local region to benefit from a great proactive format and resource to grow their businesses ahead, and get tools and support beyond what they would have thought possible., for a very small amount each month.