What is a Sales Strategy, and why is it important for your SME Business?

Your business is your passion, the reason that you strive to grow your turnover, and you probably spend more time working in it than you do with your family or pursuing your leisure interests?

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Marketing Strategy

Well, it’s therefore better to have a sales strategy plan that will save you time and effort in building the business and a clear roadmap to follow in achieving it, but what if you lack the experience to do so, or the time to achieve it even if you do? Well, that’s where I may be able to assist?

In the early 1990s when I was formulating the sales strategy plan that would enable me to lead Dale Joinery to grow organically from £5M sales to £20M in just under 7 years, I knew a lot less than I do now! So, the old expression that ‘you can’t put an old head on young shoulders’ whilst true, it is also a little misleading, as the energy, passion & drive of youth is an equally good counterweight in following a sales strategy. Fast forward to today and I believe that whilst I am clearly not that young man of the time, I retain still a drive and passion that whilst not unique, is not always found in others. However, the skills and experiences that I’ve acquired in the intervening time are a fairly unique blend, and I’m equally comfortable working with traditional marketing skills that served me well in those earlier days, but that over that decade I have added a comprehensive knowledge, and ability to formulate and plan, an online lead generation and sales strategy plan.

Your sales planning, and the setting of your sales strategy for your business, should blend your skills and experience, particularly your unique areas of distinction from competitors, and a clear deliverable and above all measurable method to invest in. And it is here where the experience and knowledge that my experience can add to yours, is a way of forging a sales strategy that will reward you and increase the worth and value of your business ahead, plus make the delivery of it less stressful, and a more enjoyable journey with somebody to ‘bounce off’, who isn’t after shares, political gain or any other motive not compatible wit what you want to achieve.

60 is firmly on the horizon, coming into view for me (I know I look younger, thank you!), and I put enjoying what I do, and working with good and honest people, at the top of my list. With success and the right colleagues, the right rewards have an uncanny knack of following!

So look at the work I’m undertaking with West Midlands based MJM Draughting & Design

Owner Mark Mason’s kind words below

I’ve been working with Ian for a few months now, and he is helping me in helping to put together a stronger business lead generation funnel.
I have found him to be very easy to deal with, a concise and clear communicator, and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of lead generation and sales & marketing.
We’ve now got an improved website, a clear sales pipeline forming, and ours is a difficult to reach niche market I’d add, and ‘on tap assistance’ as/when I need it in any area of business development.
Because of that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ian’s services, and would be happy to confirm this in person.