How to develop a simple Marketing Strategy to understand & use ahead

If your marketing plan has never really got going perhaps its time to approach it on the same basis as getting an Account to handle your accounts-get some professional help?

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Developing a marketing strategy needn’t be an onerous task, and I would very much suggest going back to a basic way to approach it that I was first taught in the 1980’s -the ‘3M’s of Marketing’

Your marketing strategy plan starts with the first ‘M’ -what ‘Market’ do you want to sell your goods and/or services to? Identify these prospective customers by their geographical location e.g. do you want to operate locally, regionally, nationally or internationally? Then look at the decision maker level required to authorise the purchase of your goods or services, is it owner or MD level? Perhaps yours is a business which needs the sign off of a FD, or it could be an Operations Director if you serve a manufacturing or engineering audience for example. Taking time to correctly identify and segment the target prospective customer audience is the key first step of a marketing plan.

The second ‘M’ to focus on is to identify and establish the ‘Message’ that you will use to differentiate, distinguish and your company’s commercial offer from that of its competitors. Focus on the things that make your business stand out, the pain you solve, the gain you give, and how you do it differently and above better (e.g., personal service levels, credit facilities, faster response times etc.).

Lastly as the final ‘M’ decide upon the ‘Media’ that you consistently & professionally communicate your message through to the market you have targeted, and this could be LinkedIn if it’s a B2B audience, it could be through Google Ads or another online medium. But it may be a traditional media channel such as networking or trade press, there is a mix of traditional offline & digital online media that could be considered for any business, with compelling research and experience available to make such decisions.

And there’s the start point, and an easy one at that, to first start working on your marketing strategy plan, something that you need to keep on top of ahead in building your business. You can do the basics yourself, it’s in your best interest to keep your marketing plan sharp, focussed and understood by all of your team, but professional help can accelerate its implementation and gain.

Whether you want help in building a marketing strategy from scratch, fine tuning or developing it, or implementing it in full…

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