So, with the great British Spring now upon us, and the ability to eat & drink in pub and restaurant gardens, and non-essential shops reopened, what are you doing to step up your Lead Generation? Well first off have you got both a Sales Strategy established? and is your Marketing Strategy prepared?

Paid Search
If it is, then what are you doing to help develop your company Sales Pipeline? Have you decided what your company needs are? -do you need short term sales lead generation (e.g. you actively want live enquiries in days or weeks at most) and if so what are you doing to meet that requirement? There is no doubt that Online Search is the fastest solution, and Google Ads is probably the best way to maximise your reach to the widest audience. But be careful please, as Google is no ‘knight in shining armour’ and they will quickly soak your marketing budget like a sponge if you are not careful, and never has a company benefited more financially from a new user’s learning curve. It is far better to get the help of a professional who will know how to plan and execute a Paid Search campaign and maximise your Advertising Budget, and it is even better still to Speak with such a company as Vancula.

Social Media & Sales Funnels
Another thing that your business may wish to consider is using Social Media, although it is important to understand the differences between each and consult professional advice such as that shown here. However, for business growth, and to maximise the return of your lead generation activity it may be also worth considering the use of a Lead Generation Sales Funnel ,particularly if you want to coordinate your business growth marketing activity, and have established a way of getting visitors to your business website, and thus want to re-reach those who have visited it without answering a CTA (Call to Action) e.g. not made a phone call, sent an e -mail or completed an enquiry form.

Your Competition Can Help You
One of the things that many business owners do not realise, in this digital age, is that you can effectively gain leverage from the marketing activity of your competitors. Every business has a digital footprint, and it is easy with the right help and assistance, to look at what your competitors do online. In particular it is possible to ascertain if they undertake Paid Search (Google Ads etc. ), Facebook Marketing, and see what brings their website visitors to their sites, and which keywords and phrases attract their audience. Similarly, the identification of backlinks (links from other websites where their site is listed, thus giving improved Google Authority, and other factors demonstrates the long term value of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) but this is a longer term lead generation activity, and may and can take many months to see a return upon. That is why again it is important to have a strategy, and plan your lead generation needs for short, medium and long term planning.

Advice, and from an experienced proven source, is vital to help you succeed in many instances, and Here I Can Help You.