“Is SEO Worth It?”- This is a question I am repeatedly asked, and never really understand why most business owners can not see it is a question that isn’t credible in 2021, but of course it is!

The digital age arrived a long time ago, and a website is the shop window to the world of most SME businesses, and so it is imperative that yours is of the highest quality, greatest relevance, and answers the most questions and imparts the most information to your target audience. Having got your website to the best it can be you can’t just stand back and expect the world to beat a path to you door…or rather your website. As a parallel just imagine that you had the most incredibly beautiful and informative brochure produced for your business, it really gave the best possible impression of your business, and it answered all the questions that your prospective customer wanted to know, and positioned your company as THE authority in your competitive market sector….and then you just put it away in a drawer. Nobody knew where it was, how good it was, that it was better than your competitor’s websites, because it just lay there undiscovered. You would probably think that as a business this was a criminal dereliction of duty? Well, in most cases not undertaking SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, no ‘Z’ we’re British!) for your website, is doing just that very same thing.

Understand the importance

If your website is a living breathing lead generation tool for your SME business then you 100% must seek to get as many prospective customers to your website. Furthermore recognising that only 3% of your target customers will be ready to buy your goods & services there and then (e.g. immediate purchasing intent) , and that the 17% are planning to solve their challenge/find the solution that your ‘offer’ meets, you really do want to make sure that you get the most out of their visit, make it memorable and strike such a good impression that they bookmark it, or agree to go onto a mailing list etc. In addition you really want to be able to track them after their visit and be able to commence a nurturing campaign as all the available research proves that 1) ‘People buy People (cliche but true) 2)  You take your prospective customer on a journey of Know>Like>Trust 3) 98% of site visitors will leave your website with a clear action e,g. phoning you, filling in a form & sending to you or emailing you. So!, with all that to account for, do you want as many prospective customers to your site? -Of Course you do!

Take Action but be Realistic

You really do want to undertake SEO at the earliest opportunity therefore, but you need to understand that SEO is not fast acting or a ‘Silver Bullet’. It is a process that undertaken correctly will take months & years, not hours, days or weeks, to achieve results, particularly when you start from no activity prior, and in very competitive business markets (e.g. Financial, Reactive Services, Emergency Response Trades etc.) but you can achieve results if you tackle it correctly, and in time SEO will often have the greatest long term benefit, delivering the most sales leads, for the lowest cost per customer enquiry.

Get Professional Help

SEO is not beyond the remit or possibility of any good SME business owner, but as your time is probably already too thinly spread, it is best to get professional help. SEO and other form of Lead Generation and online Digital Marketing is best undertaken with experts who ‘live and breathe’ it daily. As an example have a look at Vancula’s well presented SEO Packages 

Don’t Delay

Like anything that will take time to achieve results, the longer you leave it to get started, the longer it will take to start getting results. So, get good advice, research your starting position, your competitor’s activity (just Google your core services as a first step and see what appears for each on Page 1 of Google as an easy 1st indication). If you would like help contact me on 01244 263998 if you want a no obligation brief ‘pointer’?