This is what most business people think about when they speak to a person like me, or anybody in this sector ,and it’s fairly easy to answer, YES! That is unless you subscribe to or feel any of the following;

  • A wish to not increase your business turnover any further-but that’s effectively winding it down over time?
  • A sense of ‘accepting your fate’ and believing that only referrals or introductions work-but that will severely limit or restrict your future growth, and mean you’ll never escape it or make it operate without you?
  • A belief that you can never compete with more successful businesses.

By the way if you feel the above you’ve not got a business, you’ve got a job, and you’re quite possibly working for excessive hours too cheaply, so why bother?

Growing your SME business is key to improving your future remuneration, reward and freedom, both personally and financially, and for that you need new customers (and a process to deliver ‘rhythmic acquisition of customers’ but that’s for another day) and this is turn means that you need to generate leads to get new customers, so again in answer to the question….YES!

A Key Question

Also ask yourself this question- “Can I receive enough sales leads and enquiries without undertaking activity to generate these myself?”. Unless you are a celebrity, a renowned authority in your subject matter , or  the most incredible networker, then the answer is likely to be No!  So, therefore lead generation is fairly key for most SME businesses and the more pertinent question may be “What type of Lead Generation should I undertake?”, and there the follow up point may well be ‘Is Online or Traditional Lead Generation best?’?

Your Objectives & their Timescale

Once you have realised that in this digital age Online Lead Generation is a key investment, then the choice may then be what your objectives are- Short, Medium or Long Term? If you are particularly in need of short term leads then Pay Per Click (which you may know as PPC, Google Ads or Online Search) will be hard to  beat, but a word of caution-there will need to be a specific and clear way that people search for what you offer and proven search volumes to make it work. So for example  ‘Electrician in Liverpool’ will work, but trying to determine what people may search for if you operate in a very niche market, with no easy to identify one key service may be more difficult to guarantee.

Should You Do It Yourself or Use Specialist Help

That’s a question only you can probably answer, but perhaps ask yourself ‘Why do you use a Professional Accountant or Solicitor?’  It will likely be because you recognise that the specialist subject is perhaps best left to an expert, and the importance of the subject matter to your business. If you already know what form of lead generation that you wish to use it may be worth looking at a professional agency and a good example of the range of service options can be found at Vancula Online Lead Generation Services.