Business Development Assistance for SME Business Owners

The business development assistance that I can offer you can come in any way, shape, or form to best meet your needs.

Sales Strategy

Marketing Strategy

If your business requires a business development strategy, and you have come to recognise that it can be difficult to find the right business development assistance, consider using a specialist with a proven record over 3 decades-Me!

A business development plan needn’t be a document that is written once, filed away and forgotten-it should be an ongoing process that evolves to meet the needs of you and your business. Your need is to grow your customer base, and to raise your brand awareness and profile amongst your target audience, the future new customers that will help you realise your growth ambitions, whilst retaining and consolidating your existing customer base.

About 35 years ago, yes, I am getting old, I was taught something that has stuck with me ever since -The 3M’s of Marketing! In short it means that your business should have at its heart a very simple core business development plan, and that will be to identify your Market (demographics, geography, target sectors etc.), then to determine the Message that you will deliver to it (and specifically what will differentiate & distinguish it from that of your competitors) and then determine which Media channels you will deliver it (LinkedIn, Google Search etc.).

The business development assistance that I can offer you can come in any way, shape, or form to best meet your needs. I can devise a whole new business development strategy if required for a new business, product, sector, or audience, or I can audit your existing business development strategy and help implement the fine tuning required and make your business development plan more fit for purpose. Then you can decide if you would want me to deliver it, train you to do so, recruit or train the team to deliver it-it is your choice!

Business growth needs to be the focus for any SME Business owner, and sales is the lifeblood of your success, or otherwise, so there should be a clear, concise, and measured way to deliver and measure your new business development plan on an ongoing basis. In these digital days there is a great opportunity to be had by maximising online lead generation, but equally there is still a need for many business types to network, attend exhibitions and many other non-digital marketing formats of business development, and I am equally comfortable formulating and leading activity across all types of business development.

I have built and led £multimillion businesses, but I’m equally comfortable working with smaller or start up businesses, in fact its often more rewarding to see the input that can be achieved and witness the growth with a sense of pride beyond the mere numbers.

So, if you want business development assistance support to help grow your company why not contact me for a no obligation chat.

George Mellitzer of GM Engineering (NW) Ltd is, as his testimonial to me below, delivered in December 2020 states:

I’ve been working with Ian for a few months now, and he is helping me in helping to put together a stronger business lead generation funnel.
I have found him to be very easy to deal with, a concise and clear communicator, and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of lead generation and sales & marketing.
We’ve now got an improved website, a clear sales pipeline forming, and ours is a difficult to reach niche market I’d add, and ‘on tap assistance’ as/when I need it in any area of business development.
Because of that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ian’s services, and would be happy to confirm this in person.