If you can’t see the wood for the trees in your small business perhaps it’s time to get some help?

If you do, why not do it with somebody who’s successfully done it themselves, not read it in a book or bought it as a franchise?

Ian Frost

I'm Ian Frost

I’ve a real passion for helping business owners grow their business with proven experience & results, in plain english, and practical steps to suit their needs rather than my bank account.

I’m a passionate, straight talking person who’s built £multi-million businesses, run large teams, and has experienced most of the day to day challenges that small business owners face, and I have practical experience from decades of successful business growth in B2B markets, not from the pages of a guru’s book or an ‘off the shelf’ consultancy franchise.

In fact if you want multiple Powerpoints and lots of forms to fill in, multiple roleplays and a very formulaic, corporate feel then I can guarantee you that I’m not for you! If however you appreciate straight observation, practical and productive guidance & assistance, and a recognition that it’s your business, not mine, and I’m only here to help you achieve success in growing it in a pragmatic fashion perhaps I may be?

A few facts about me that may be relevant:

How can I help you?

That’s very much up to you, and no two businesses are the same, but here’s a few suggestions:


Please Feel Free to Get in Touch!

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